Cool Map: Emissions worldwide

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From the Center for Public Integrity comes this interactive map showing greenhouse gas emissions from many of the world’s largest economies. Lots of data is packed into this simple interface, and the map itself is blessedly clear. Note, though, that … Continued

Practicing scales

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As a response to Kai Krause’s Africa map, Jeffrey Winter shows us just how small Vatican City really is.  The True Size of Vatican City –  [via The Power of Data Visualization]

Cool Map: Beer

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Check out this Cool Map for an amusing view of brew. It was apparently created by the nightspot mavens at Sloshspot.

Cool Maps #1

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I have been running across some incredible infomaps recently. Result: A new feature here on ISWYM. Here’s today’s Cool Map, created by Kalimedia. The United States of the Home Ruler, from the Atlas of True Names

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