Infoviz infiltrates the business press

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Fast Company‘s Cliff Kuang tells his readers that information graphics are all the rage among young graphic designers these days, and for good reason: The discipline—involving cartographers, statisticians, computer programmers, and graphic designers—creates public debate on a level graphic design … Continued

Infographic of the day

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Overnewsed but uninformed– Stefan Bräutigam The explanation, auto-translated from the German by Google (!) and tidied up slightly by me (!!), reads thus: With access to news possible at any time via a variety of communication channels, a broad media … Continued

Tufte would be pleased.

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Interesting how you can lie with statistics even when you set out to tell the truth. Viveka Weiley at Karmanaut has redrawn a recent Washington Post chart purporting to show how Obama’s tax plan compares to McCain’s. As she notes, … Continued