Happy New Year: 2011

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My New Year’s gift to all y’all is this recommendation: RUN DON’T WALK to download Google Refine. (No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.) Refine is an app that expedites data cleaning, thereby eliminating hours and hours of tedium and letting me … Continued

Amazing repository of population data

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Data nerds like me will enjoy wallowing in the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, a massive collection of U.S. Census microdata that’s been made available to anyone for social and economic research. From the website: IPUMS-USA is a project dedicated … Continued

More data dumps

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Another in our occasional series on Where The Numbers Come From: What more could the aspiring info-interpreter want than a Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network? Hosted/maintained/curated by the folks at the Open Knowledge Forum, it provides more than 350 data “packages” … Continued

“Transparency has a posse”

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The Sunlight Foundation resources page lists two dozen “insanely useful” sites that aim to “provide a broad range of information available to track government and legislative information, campaign contributions and the role of money in politics.” It’s a handy list … Continued