Infoviz for the people: Mass media mentions

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Increasingly, it seems, mass media outlets are talking up infoviz. Great news for us here at Synoptical Charts, but more than that, helpful for people in businesses that demand clear, concise and logical communication. In other words, everybody.

Today’s installment, from

…[W]hile Hadoop may be the poster child of Big Data, there are other important technologies at play. In addition to Hadoop, the open source framework for distributing data processing across multiple nodes, these include massively parallel data warehouses “that deliver lightening [sic] fast data loading and real-time analytic capabilities,” as the report states; analytic platforms and applications that allow Data Scientists and business analysts to manipulate Big Data; and data visualization tools that bring insights from Big Data analysis alive for end-users.

Big Data is Big Market & Big Business – $50 Billion Market by 2017

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  1. A number of previously missing features have been added, and I've been able to clear up some confusing data being able to further edit profile information. The new UI is also clean and smooth. Thank You Google!

  2. You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it better.

    • We need more inihsgts like this in this thread.

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