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Overnewsed but uninformed– Stefan Bräutigam

The explanation, auto-translated from the German by Google (!) and tidied up slightly by me (!!), reads thus:

With access to news possible at any time via a variety of communication channels, a broad media landscape with a myriad of information producers and suppliers has developed. For the viewer it becomes more difficult to determine the authenticity of messages. You are looking for sources that can be trusted.

Overnewsed but Uninformed helps in the search. Sequences are described, ownership and dependencies disclosed, and user behavior illustrated. Background information, monitoring and analysis show how the real message — of a bridge fall in Minneapolis [in this case] — can be assessed and categorized.

Unfortunately, if you want to see the whole thing up close, you’ll have to download the 22MB PDF file here.

[Via Visual Complexity]

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