Meta-information design

How much do I appreciate an infographic that organizes and explains infographics? Well, OK, that was a rhetorical question, but the answer is: A WHOLE LOT.

Check out this Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (part of an online course called Visual Literacy that was created by a consortium of European universities).

Hover your cursor over any cell in the table and you see a handy example of that particular format.

Oh my, the coolness.

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  • Holy mother of fun… Thanks!

    Some years ago I helped on a conference that convened scientists and visual communicators to see how (a) the VizC’s could help non-scientists understand science and (b) the VizC’s could help scientists understand science even more. It was cool.

    The organizer wasn’t a big fan of Tufte, but whatever. My takeaway was that Tufte doesn’t have all the answers. But he sure as crap has plenty of the evaluatory tools.

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