Quick hits: Tumblr does infoviz

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Check out dataviz.tumblr.com, a two-month-old collection of charts, information graphics and other artifacts to ponder. Naturally, some are richer and more compelling than others. Three particularly clear, thoughtful examples: Instrument Range What I like: Color coding, always a plus if … Continued

See How I Feel: No love for CEOs

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Justin Wehr harvests some stats from a Rasmussen Report and shows us who Americans hate the most. Surprise: it’s not lawyers, journalists or even Congresspeople. “Favorability by Occupation” — Wehr in the World

More data dumps

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Another in our occasional series on Where The Numbers Come From: What more could the aspiring info-interpreter want than a Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network? Hosted/maintained/curated by the folks at the Open Knowledge Forum, it provides more than 350 data “packages” … Continued