IV and the news: Iran election data

As thousands and perhaps millions take to the streets in Tehran to protest Iran’s (alleged) election fraud, the UK’s Guardian goes nitty-gritty, posting a data set of polling results.*

The paper ends its report thus: “Can you do something with this data? Please post us your visualisations and mash-ups below or mail us at datastore@guardian.co.uk .”

Its story also links to data maps from Fivethirtyeight.com and Iran Tracker. (Elsewhere at Fivethirtyeight, Nate Silver considers the statistical analysis that ostensibly proves the election was rigged — in other words, the basis of the protestors’ unrest.)

Here’s the direct link to the election data, in case anyone out there feels like having a go at it; I hope I’ll have some time to muck around with it myself.

*Per the story: “The figures we’ve uploaded are, as far as we can work out, the official totals, so you should be safe using them.” Take that as you will. Note also that if you read Farsi, you can get the stats straight from the mullah’s mouth here.
UPDATE ON THE DATA (UPDATA?): Pollster runs a roundup of news items in which people point out that certain aspects of the official election stats are, er, unlikely to occur naturally. No infographics, but lots of interesting analysis nonetheless.

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