Piggybacking off of Kaiser Fung

At his blog Junk Charts, statistics jock Kaiser Fung cleans up the clunkers. And very well too, I might add.

Here's a revamp he did of an eyecatching-but-not-very-useful graphic depicting Americans' changes in religious affiliation (data via Pew).

I like his clever format, with the arrows pointing in all directions.

However, at some point a data set is too small to be worth visualizing, per Tufte, and should be displayed as a table instead. Here, ET does a rethink of a statistical table that molds the numbers into an elegant and useful hybrid, a "table-graphic."

I wondered if a hybridized display would work well for the Pew data set, so I gave it a try. The result is what you see up top.

As always, comments are welcome.

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