Happy New Year: 2011

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My New Year’s gift to all y’all is this recommendation: RUN DON’T WALK to download Google Refine. (No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.) Refine is an app that expedites data cleaning, thereby eliminating hours and hours of tedium and letting me … Continued

Practicing scales

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As a response to Kai Krause’s Africa map, Jeffrey Winter shows us just how small Vatican City really is.  The True Size of Vatican City – xefer.com  [via The Power of Data Visualization]

Cool Map: Beer

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Check out this Cool Map for an amusing view of brew. It was apparently created by the nightspot mavens at Sloshspot.

Cool Maps #1

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I have been running across some incredible infomaps recently. Result: A new feature here on ISWYM. Here’s today’s Cool Map, created by Kalimedia. The United States of the Home Ruler, from the Atlas of True Names